Flight Cases


Flight Cases

All Musical Equipment, from the most delicate to the most resistant, mixers for sound, light and image, screens, video cameras and projectors, tripods, trunks for various wiring, all street lighting equipment or for spectacles, sound amplifiers, are just a few examples of the universe possible in boxes for transportation.

Our flight cases are constructed with high quality materials, thus ensuring the strength and durability that professionals demand. Birch plywood, non-slip, black (or other on request) and hexagonal pattern, 7 or 9 mm thick, extremely resistant, or the NEW, Light Weight plates with 4.6mm; 7.0mm or 10mm thick, are used in their manufacture according to customer preference.

Interior finishes with gray-anthracite carpeting or high-density foam with thicknesses ranging from 5 to 50 mm, as appropriate or according to customer's choice. Foam molds can also be used for optimum packaging of the equipment.

Externally, they are equipped with fittings from renowned and internationally renowned brands "Penn Elcom" or "Adam Hall", butterfly catchers, built-in metal wings, hybrid corner locks and aluminum corners, metal corners and trim, wheels with and without brake 80 or 100 mm. It is also possible to customize the box with logo, image or text engraving.

Available in:

Plywood Marine Birch color:

Black 7 | 9mm

Red 6,5mm

Blue 6,5mm

Green 9 | 6,5mm

Grey 9 | 6,5mm

Light Weight

Only in black.




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