General Company statment

1. General Company Statement
Accidents on group tours are rare, but can happen. It is the strict policy of Mapa de Sons to operate
tours with high safety standards in order to prevent the occurrence of accidents.
• We prioritise the safety of our passengers
• We provide continuous assessment of our supplies (coaches, hotels, ground operators etc.)
• We do and will continue to provide a dedicated and caring staff team
• We have a system in place to respond quickly and effectively to incidents and accidents
• We are constantly monitoring and reviewing what we provide to clients
• We involve all our staff in our safety management system in order to breed good practice
throughout the company

2. Staff and monitoring system
• Making sure that all those operating the tours are fully trained and aware of safety issues
• Updating contracts and service agreements with suppliers
• Checking that all hotel /youth hostel properties are inspected regularly
• Checking the suitability and safety of all excursions and concert venues
• Providing documentation and audits of our suppliers to our clients to assist them with risk
• Identifying any weaknesses or problems and solving these problems in conjunction with our
clients prior to travel

3. Accommodation
• Your accommodation will be booked directly by Mapa de Sons!
• All hotels and youth hostels are checked by Mapa de Sons staff on a regular basis.
• Any defects which do not compromise safety will be communicated to the client. Any defects
which do compromise safety will mean that the hotel / hostel is removed from our product

4. Transportation
Portugal coach companies contracted have:
• Operating licence
• Motor vehicle insurance
• Public liability insurance
• A detailed service agreement with many other aspects of safety

5. Concert Venues
• Mapa de Sons will always provide a description and pictures of venues chosen on request. Any
safety issues, will be communicated to the client before travel so that these issues can be
highlighted in risk assessments.

6. Excursions and Visits
• Mapa de Sons will take all reasonable precautions when suggesting and booking excursions and
visits, to make sure that the safety of your group is not compromised. Any real potential risks will
be outlined to you.

7. Inspection Visits
• Mapa de Sons will, on request, organise a pre-tour visit for Group Leaders, prospective Group
Leaders, and any other persons who wish to accompany them. The time taken to arrange this trip
for you will be given willingly and at no charge. However there will be a charge (at cost only) for
accommodation, travel and assistance on the ground.

8. Pre-Tour Information
• Mapa de Sons will always endeavour to provide detailed information prior to your tour. This is
supported by a detailed Final Pack which is sent to you between 2-4 weeks prior to your tour.

9. Tour Managers
• All Tour Managers are Portuguese residents, with a lot of experience working in orchestras and

10. Training
• At Mapa de Sons, we are firm believers in using our common sense and experience to improve
the safety of our passengers and the way in which incidents are dealt with. All new staff at our
company are given training on our Safety Management and integrated immediately into the system.

Enjoy your tour in Portugal!!

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